Ciech Sarzyna


CIECH Sarzyna at JEC World 2017 Fair

On March 14-16, 2017, CIECH Sarzyna S.A. took part in the International Trade Fair JEC World 2017 in Paris.

During the Fair, the Company presented a wide range of products from their portfolio.

CIECH Sarzyna produces high-quality resins, maintaining its position as one of the largest Polish producers in this sector of the chemical industry. For over 50 years, the Company has been the only producer of epoxy resins in Poland.

In view of the growing needs of global industry, the CIECH Group develops technologies for the production of resins and their derivatives. Co-operating with research centres, the Company implements advanced systems that enable its clients to be guaranteed the highest quality of purchased goods.

JEC is the largest organisation in the composites industry in Europe and throughout the world, with 250,000 specialists from over 100 countries. Its aim is to represent, promote and develop the market of composite materials by creating networks, both locally and globally. The main event organised by JEC are the fairs and conferences held every year in Paris. 

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