Ciech Sarzyna


New Fast Cure Industrial Class Resins

Meet our latest portfolio of Primid Saturated Polyester Resins for Powder Coatings cured for 10 mins at 160°C.

SYSTEM 93/7: GP 93763/T, P 93765/T
SYSTEM 95/5: GP 95563/T, GP 95565/T, GP 95566/T, GP 95567/T
SYSTEM 96/4: GP 96465/T

All of the new resins were designed for production of industrial class powder coatings. You may choose between resins for perfectly smooth surfaces as well as the ones dedicated to various textured and structural finishes. 

Tg parameter of each resin was purposely increased to enable production of powder coatings in hot climate, even when the temperatures reach their extremes.

Thus, we proudly present our high-reactive resins with 93/7 Primid ratio, the most popular ones with 95/5 Primid ratio, and a 96/4 resin with a lower hardener demand.

10 mins at 160°C


  • Excellent chemical resistance in highly corrosive environment
  • Perfect flow properties (in case of resins for smooth finish coatings)
  • Very good mechanical properties
  • Perfect flexibility
  • Designed for both smooth and textured coating formulations

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